Boutique Antitrust Law Firm Offices in California and New York

Bona Law PC offers big-law quality in a small boutique because our lawyers come from top schools and have worked at top international antitrust firms on merger clearances, distribution issues, and antitrust litigation.

We help our clients solve competition problems quickly and efficiently. Equally important, we work with our clients to create strategies and solutions that respect their expected return on legal investment. No antitrust problem is completely predictable, but we do everything we can to deliver legal value.

Antitrust and Competition

Our antitrust and competition practice includes (1) Antitrust Litigation and Appeals; (2) Mergers; and (3) Market Conduct Counseling. Our attorneys have extensive experience in all three areas, including many major cases and deals over many decades. They are leaders in their field and collectively have written many books, law review articles, legal newspaper and bar articles, and blog posts on antitrust and competition law.

Bona Law also produces an antitrust blog called The Antitrust Attorney Blog that offers guidance on antitrust, competition, and appellate issues, written in a form that most people can understand (not just antitrust attorneys and academics). Our blog is regularly read by antitrust attorneys, non-antitrust attorneys, business leaders, legislative staff, and government officials, and by people all over the world.

Appeals and Appellate Litigation

Bona Law attorneys have extensive appellate experience in federal and state courts throughout the country. Our clients include (1) trial attorneys who need to add appellate expertise to their cases, and (2) clients who lost at trial and want a fresh and independent look at their case. We can play any role in an appeal from complete representation to joint representation to appellate counseling or behind-the-scenes writing and researching.

If you want some detail about how at least one of our attorneys writes an appellate brief, read Jarod Bona’s article on “How to Write a Significant Antitrust or Appellate Brief.” You might also enjoy his articles on Three Components of Every Effective Appellate Argument, What is Great Legal Writing, and Three Reasons to Hire an Appellate Attorney.

Finally, Bona Law attorneys have filed many amicus briefs in appellate courts over the years. Read this article if you want to determine whether an amicus brief will help your company.

Complex Business Litigation

Sometimes our clients have problems that don’t involve antitrust or competition issues. Although we advise our clients of potential solutions other than litigation, sometimes litigation is the best or only option. In those situations, we litigate aggressively but intelligently for our clients.

Our litigation experience and capability ranges from complex litigation spanning multiple jurisdictions to simple breach of contract matters, and everything in between.

Geographic Reach

Bona Law has offices in La Jolla (San Diego), California and New York City. We are a national and international law firm with cases all over the country and clients all over the world. We are members of an exclusive group of law firms through IR Global, which offers us access to top attorneys in many fields all over the world.

How to Reach Us

You can call us in California at 858-964-4589 or in New York at 212-634-6861. You can email us at For more information, please see our contact page.

The Antitrust Attorney Blog
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