Challenges to Government Conduct

In some instances, your adversary is not a business competitor or other private entity, but the government itself. These are often challenging cases, as the government has many immunities, exemptions and other unfair advantages in its favor. Moreover, unfortunately, many courts are inclined to favor the government in legal disputes. Part of the reason for that is that many litigants challenge state and local government entities every day, but do so with poor advocacy that doesn’t effectively present their case.

We have experience challenging government entities and, frankly, enjoy doing it. Businesses deserve justice and sometimes they have to fight for it. We are in your corner. We also commonly file amicus briefs supporting such challenges, including, for examples, issues involving property rights, economic liberty, free speech, etc.

We have particular expertise in challenging state and local government entities under the antitrust laws. Indeed, Principal Jarod Bona is working to develop the law in this area through both litigation and education (by publishing articles).

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